Hot Pot Valentine's Day (3 Courses + Hot Pot)

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Want to give her or him a Valentine’s surprise?

Share a steaming hot pot, “cook” the food together, guess the names of over 13 different exotic ingredients, enjoy a delicious and interactive dinner in an artistic surrounding…——Hot Pot Republic will give an unforgettable Valentine’s day.

We have invited one of the best Sichuan chefs in town, Mr. Yindong Ye, to perform his magic and give you truly culinary experience. With 30 years of recognised experience in Sichuan cuisine Mr. Ye is a true hot pot expert and is known for his talent to play with different natural spices using them to uncover the hidden tastes of the main food components.

What will you experience?

• More than romantic
Hot pot is almost most social dining formats you can think. Not only are you gathered at one table sharing a meal with the loved one, but you're in a way cooking the food together.

• Great taste and healthy food
You will have an Asian food trip here, exploring the variety of fresh vegetables and Asian specialities with low gluten, low fat and low carbohydrates.

• Super fun
It’s super fun to explore more than 13 exotic ingredients with unique features and flavours.

Yellowstripe Scad Chips with Crispy seaweed & Sesame

Hiyayakko - Japanese Tofu, Skipjack Tuna Flakes & Mirin

Hot Pot

4 different soup bases - Spicy, Umami, Kimchi & Tomato
2 types of meat - Beef & Pork
Selection of Asian Specialties - Dumplings, Surimi Sticks,Tofu, Shiitake, Tofu Skin, etc.
6 types of Fresh Vegetables
2 Hot Pot Sauces


Taiwanese Moche Ice Cream Dim Sum - 2 pieces with premium coconut & mango ice cream

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