Outdoor Hot Pot

Præsenteres af Hot Pot Republic

15% discount for guests who choose hot pot in our outdoor tables! Only 2 tables available per day!

Hot pot is one of the most social dining formats you can think of. Not only are you’re your party gathered at one table sharing a healthy and delicious meal - you're “cooking” together and creating an unforgettable experience for and with each other. Our hot pot is gluten-free, dairy-free and low-carbs. Politiken’s reviewers gave it a 4-heart review!

Such a discount is to encourage guests seating outdoor and showcase the unique hot pot dining experience. It's only available for big groups with 4 to 8 guests. You need pre-order 4 persons' ticket as a group. I f you have more than 4 persons, the rest team member can pay in the restaurant.

4 persons hot pot: 15% discount (normal price 1060 kr --> price 900 kr)

(The tickets can be used until 30-06-2020., except Saturdays and Fridays)

Chef's Hot Pot Menu (Vegetarian & Vegan options are available)
Normal price: 265 dkk/ person

Soup Base
Slow-cooked beef and chicken broth (or veggie soup)
4 Different flavours to choose – Mala, Kimchi, Spicy Tomato and Umami

cod, beef & pork, wood ear mushroom, bok choy,
green-pea-based glass noodles, dumplings, daikon, romanesco broccoli, tofu skin, tofu
Hot Pot Republic dipping sauce

Adresse: Vesterbrogade 146, 1620 Copenhagen V

Læs mere på: hotpotrepublic.dk/
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Trelleborggade 15
2150 Nordhavn
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