Make Your Own Dumplings

Præsenteres af Hot Pot Republic

Let us bring bring Asian culture to you and your friends here in Copenhagen!

The Dumpling Workshop at Hot Pot Republic will teach you how to make FRESH, TASTY, HOMEMADE dumplings--both meat and vegan! With authentic recipes and expert leaders, you will feel like you are on the streets Chengdu all without getting on a plane!

The Dumpling Workshop is a fun culinary escapade beginning where you will learn how to make both meat and vegan dumplings. You will also learn how to fold the dumplings to make beautifully pleated delights, as well as two ways to cook dumplings at home. Making-dumplings is indeed a hands-on, social and fun activity for any foodies!

What you will learn from our Chinese dumpling expert:

1) Make dumpling fillings with ingredients from a local supermarket.
We will teach you two recipes-- both meat dumplings and veggie dumplings.

2) How to fold dumplings
You will not only learn how to fold the traditionally pleated dumplings but you can also experiment with other creative dumpling variations.

3) How to cook dumplings
You will learn two classic ways of cooking dumplings: boiled and fried.

What to expect:
- Hot Pot Republic will prepare the raw ingredients you will need.
- Everyone will make around 20-30 dumplings.
- You are most welcome to bring your dumplings home and share them with your loved ones.

( Workshop held in English )

Adresse: Vesterbrogade 146, 1620 Copenhagen V

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lørdag 21. nov. 2020 kl. 12:30 - 15:30
Make Your Own Dumplings
á 435,00 kr.
+ 32,63 kr.
søndag 22. nov. 2020 kl. 12:30 - 15:30
Make Your Own Dumplings
á 435,00 kr.
+ 32,63 kr.

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