Stage Dining - The Ultimate Celebration

Præsenteres af Rub & Stub

Want to join the ultimate food celebration in front of the iconic Orange Stage?

At this year’s Roskilde Festival, Rub & Stub invites you and 1999 other festival goers for the ultimate food experience. Together we will celebrate the Festival’s 50 year anniversary - and the fact that we can sit together and eat again!

Seated at long tables in front of the Orange Stage, you and your fellow stage diners will enjoy a customised menu full of sustainable surprises garnished in fun and games.  

In 2017, 2018 and 2019, stage diners shared extraordinary food experiences in front of the Orange Stage. 

This year, Rub & Stub offers you the ultimate - and final - Stage Dining celebration. You don’t want to miss out on that, right?

What's on the menu?
The menu is a surprise until the day of the event, but we will reveal this much:
- There will be five servings, including a dessert
- There will be two different kinds of drinks (alcohol and non-alcoholic)
- Everything will be vegetarian and produced from a zero-waste concept
- We invite different guest star producers to co-create the menu and experience. They will be revealed closer to the festival, so make sure to follow us on social media

What else?
Historically, Stage Dining is full of entertainment, fun and games. This year is no exception...

Next step...
You can book for yourself or for a group of friends - hint hint, if you buy for 4 people or more, you'll get a 15% discount!
Either way, you are bound to make new acquaintances at the table - food brings us together.

We have been looking so much forward to bringing you this year’s Stage Dining - and we guarantee that we have done our utmost to create the ultimate celebratory experience for you.

See you in front of the Orange Stage!



Access to festival

Buying a ticket for Stage Dining does not automatically grant you access to the Roskilde Festival. Festival tickets must be purchased separately through Roskilde Festival’s official ticket sale.


The Stage Dining area is divided into five zones: red, green, yellow, blue, purple. This is to facilitate as quick and efficient a seating of the 2000 stage diners as possible. Each zone will have its own entrance. Therefore, if you want to be seated in the same zone as your friends, please make sure to buy tickets for the same zone. We cannot make any exemptions on the day of the event.


The event will be photographed and filmed. When you buy tickets for the event, you consent to us using photos and video of you from the event on our social media platforms, websites and media outlets. If you do not want us to use photos and videos of you from the event, please let us know during the event. 

Food allergies and dietary restrictions

The menu will be vegetarian. Apart from that, it is unfortunately not possible to tailor the menu to accommodate allergies or dietary restrictions. However, the menu will contain plenty of elements to fill up a Roskilde hungry stomach.

Stay tuned
Stay tuned and follow the Facebook-event  and Instagram to receive updates and more details as we get closer to Roskilde Festival 2022!

Adresse: Dyrskuepladsen, foran Orange Scene

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