Lone Theils | Book presentation and dinner

Presented by Hahnemanns Køkken København


Dinner with Lone and her main character Nora Sand
Book presentation & dinner | Friday, April 20, 2018 | 7pm

We invite you to spend an evening with Lone Theils and her novel's main character Nora Sand

This is the third book in Lone Theils' series about Danish journalist Nora Sand, living in London. THE WITCH BOY is a classic Nora Sand crime novel, also featuring her friend Pete, her parents and her boyfriend Andreas.

Nora Sand is back, writing about Boko Haram’s atrocities, and she contacts a source who’s researching the topic. Shortly after their meeting, he’s found murdered in a churchyard, his heart cut out of his body. Nora is determined to get to the bottom of the macabre case, but Globalt – the magazine she works for – is under threat of closure, and Krebsen asks her to cover a celebrity divorce between a Danish reality TV star and a Russian oligarch, who are squabbling over custody of their child. Nora isn’t interested in gossip stories, until the couple’s son Nikolas suddenly vanishes from a shopping centre. On CCTV you can see a woman in a burka, and when it emerges that the boy’s father has enemies in Boko Haram’s homeland of Nigeria, Nora begins to take an interest. Shortly afterwards, a boy is found drowned in the Thames. But is it Nikolas?

What is the evening about

Upon arrival, we will serve you an aperitif. You will then sit down at the dinner table with Lone and the other guests and while Lone will guide you through her new crime novel and introduce you personally to her main character Nora Sand’s new adventure, you will have a 3-course-dinner. The dishes will be based on Nora Sand’s favorite meals, she is very passionate about good everyday food and loves to go to the markets in her hometown London. While the dinner will be made of seasonable and local organic ingredients, together with Lone’s storytelling, it will take to places outside Copenhagen.

This event will be in Danish.

What to know about Lone

Lone Theils got talent - and she isn’t afraid of using it. She’s made an extremely well-written and effective crime horror novel. (Politiken)

Lone Theils trained as a journalist and lived and worked as a correspondent for Danish media in London for a number of years. After the success of her debut crime novel FATAL CROSSING, in 2016 she moved back to Denmark to focus on her writing. Lone Theils has been nominated for this year’s Martha Prize. Her book FATAL CROSSING has been on the bestseller lists for more than a year. Here you can read more.


You will get an aperitif upon arrival. The ticket also includes the reading and storytelling with Lone, as well as a 3-course dinner made from seasonable, organic ingredients and accompanied by wine. After dinner or with your dessert, you can choose to have a coffee or tea. You will be able to purchase Lone’s books.


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