What are you getting for your loved ones this Christmas? What to buy for your partner, parents, and siblings?

Countless gifts have been given through the years, and most were forgotten on the go. This year you can do it differently. Give something unforgettable that needs no exchange nor suitable dates or sizes. Give an experience.

With a gift certificate for Madbillet, you’ll give the recipient access to a wealth of wonderful gastronomic experiences: baking courses, beer tastings, cooking schools, unique dining experiences, workshops, gatherings, food festivals, and lectures on food and wine. In addition, your recipients get to go to the actual event they want and on a date that fits in their calendar.

Psssh – you do not even have to queue to get it.

Fra 200 til 3000 DKK
navnet kommer ikke til at stå på gavekortet
gavekortet fremsendes som PDF til denne mail sammen med kvittering

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Gavekortet er gyldigt i 2 år fra udstedelse og kan benyttes til at købe alle events på

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