WineBattle Italy vs Spain Saturday, 24 February La Rocca

Presented by Ristorante La Rocca

The sommeliers Antonio & Sergio in the BATTLE about their country’s honor!

Wine is poetry in the bottle, everyone knows we love these precious drops,
so now we will challenge and see if there is also power behind them!

We – and our guests – love our Wine Battles
and these passionate countries are right in our back yard,
It houses both Italian La Rocca
like Spanish Pintxos.

Dear friends, there is an internal match as well as international match!

You do not want to miss this!

Italy and Spain is taking another tasty match …
Which of the two champions will win the trophy?

WINE LIST (You have a chance to buy the wines up to 40% off):

Welcome drink:
SP: Gran Reserva
Normal price 99 Offer price 69
IT: Prosecco Millesimato
Normal price 99 Offer price 69

White wines :
SP: Flor Innata Verdejo, Valdecuevas
Normal price 119 Offer price 75
IT: Il Moggio, Grechetto DOC, Goretti
Normal price 135 Offer price 89

SP: Txakoli Itsasmendi
Normal price 139 Offer price 98
IT: 2015 Sauvignon Bianco, Lanhof-Tenuta Costa
Normal price 185 Offer price 129

Red wines:
SP: 2013 Finca la Cuesta, Luna Beberide, Bierzo
Normal price 149 Offer price 109
IT: Pinot Nero, Colterenzio
Normal price 159 Offer price 95

SP: AN/2 (Anima Negra 2)
Normal price 239 Offer price 165
IT: 2012 Brunello di Montalcino, Villa le Prata
Normal price 305 Offer price 195

SP: 2015 Lucolo Old Vine
Normal price 165 Offer price 109
IT: 2013 Amarone della Valpolicella Vintage, Martino & Maurizio Biscardo
Normal price 220 Offer price 154

Dessert wine:
SP: Di Wine, Rueda de Valdecuevas
Normal price 95 Offer price 65
IT: Moscato Dolce Adri, Ca Furlan
Normal price 90 Offer price 60

We can promise that it will not be “boring, unentertaining or slow,”
but filled with highspeed excitement, when Antonio and Eduardo control the battle with
“Good rankings” and share “sweet spices” for the day’s Wine Battle.
Who swings the saber hardest? Find out and join us…

Each wine has been accompanied by the best of Italian and Spanish cuisine,
so food and wine merge into a perfect whole.


Saturday, 24 February 2018 at 12:30
at Ristorante La Rocca’s gold-plated premises.
Hurry up …. limited seats only …

Address: Vendersgade 23, 1363 København K

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