Children's brunch at FOOD CLUB

Presented by Madklubben

The ultimate children's brunch! 

Give your children a special treat when the FOOD CLUB turns into a utopia of pancakes, croissants, freshly baked bread and all-you-can-eat ice cream. It is breakfast heaven - without adults and with only one rule: that the kids enjoy themselves with their friends. 

We guarantee plenty of food, surprises and entertainment. 

The event is aimed at children age 6 to 12 and we recommend that parents go and do something else in the mean time. 

When you buy a ticket for the children's brunch you will also receive a FOOD CLUB pass for a year. 

That means that you can eat for free with your parents in one of our restaurants in both Copenhagen and Aarhus!

Address: FOOD CLUB, Sortedam Dossering 7C, baghuset, 2200 København N

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Trelleborggade 15
2150 Nordhavn
CVR: 33759223