DADA in The Streets

Presented by DADA

The new restaurant DADA in Krystalgade is deeply rooted in the Middle Eastern cuisine. DADA invites you for a social dining experience that reflects that special Midlle Eastern cuisine and culture. You will be seated at long tables sharing bowls of  hummus, baba ganoush, freshly baked flatbread, grilled meat and poultry.

The 10-course menu is accompanied by an ice-cold beer made especially for Copenhagen Cooking In cooperation with Timm Vladimirs Køkken. DADA and Ole Caspersen have created a sound profile for the event that reflects and emphasizes Middle Eastern cuisine with heavy beats, an electronic vibe and lots of rhythm.


A ten-course sharing menu with one DADA beer, developed in collaboration with Timm Vladimirs Køkken.

Address: SKT. PETRI, Krystalgade 22, 1172 København K

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Der er ingen billetter til salg i øjeblikket til denne event.

Trelleborggade 15
2150 Nordhavn
CVR: 33759223