Christmas At El Patron

Presented by El Patrón

Hi everyone, after a busy summer with our food truck at Ofelia plads we are back with dinner events for the winter season.

The ideas behind El Patrón are based on the basic flavors of ancient Mayan and Aztec cuisine, but have been modernized for the contemporary private dining scene – renewed and refined.

The flavors, together with the visually beautiful dishes, must create a balance in the overall impression and together bring every mouthful and experience to a higher level.

Christmas it's upon us and it's time to celebrate. This year with a new menu showcasing only tradicional christmas dishes. Different regions, cooking technics and most important new flavours.

We are looking forward seeing you at Copenhagen Cooking class in Nyhavn dinner room, a beautiful long table style for us to mingle and start celebrating the winter season. 


Welcome drink


Chuncky guacamole, salsa and tortilla chips

Bacalao a la veracruzana (Torsk)

Traditional dish from the golf of Mexico.Tomat sauce, olives,  fried capers, olive oil, vainilla

Mole con Pato (And)

Mole negro sauce (chocolate/chili) Duck breast, rice, tortillas


Meringue, fresh sweet corn cream with mascarpone cheese, burned corn husk.

Wine pairing 225,00 kr per person

Weingut Jakob Jung "Classic" Riesling 2022 (Germany)

Valenciso Laderas de Cabama 2021 (Spain)

Dourthe Sauternes 2019 (France)

Address: First Floor, Herluf Trolles Gade 9, 1052 København K

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