Frederiksberg Harvest Feast: Lola x Chef's Manifesto x Seerupgaard

Presented by Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival

Restaurant Lola is so new that it hasn’t even opened yet, but it will in September. Frederiksberg Høstfest is your chance to get a sneak peek at what the new socio-gastronomic eatery with masterchef Kamilla Seidler behind the stove has to offer. Lola has teamed up with the organization Chef’s Manifesto and the organic farm Seerupgaard near Dragør to create a menu based on the love of good products and fair work.

Lola is a culinary house where kitchen jobs are created for those in need of a helping hand in order to enter the labour market. Lola is situated in the iconic mill at Christianshavns Vold in Copenhagen. The restaurant opens beginning of fall 2019 as the first part of the house with other initiatives to follow. Lola will serve food inspired from all over the world - but always with greens and organic produce as the core of their menu.

Chef's Manifesto was initiated in 2018 by chefs from all over the world who all committed to create a better and more sustainable world through their daily work. The manifesto is based on the principles of The UN Sustainable Development Goals and it is the initiators' ambition to work for a better future for food and people through, among other things, biodiversity, and focus on plant-based food, reduction of food waste and inspire to a better use of raw materials.

Seerupgaard is located on the island Amager and here they grow more than 100 varieties of produce in their fields. The farm has existed since the 16th century. In 2014 Seerupgaard was turned into an organic farm and today they cultivate broad varieties of vegetables, herbs and flowers.

The practicalities: Each guest has to bring their own plate, cutlery and glass • There will be both beer and wine bars on sight • You will be sitting at the table of the specific restaurant, so be sure to buy tickets for the same restaurant if you want to sit together • We meet at 17.30 and at 18.00 dinner is served • At 21.00 we say thank you and goodbye • In case of rain we have taken care of a plan B.

About Frederiksberg Harvest Feast: Frederiksberg Harvest Feast is a partnership between The Municipality of Frederiksberg and Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival. Supported by the Tuborg Foundation. Il Fornaio will provide delicious handmade sourdough bread and organic olive oil to dip the bread in.



Grilled summer vegetables and herbs from Seerupgaard with rhubarb vinaigrette

Danish organic chicken in its own juice with crunchy skin and mustard glaced sweet dumpling pumpkin.

Lemon mousse with crunchy and soft meringue of woodruff

Address: Frederiksberg Allé, 1820 Frederiksberg C

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Trelleborggade 15
2150 Nordhavn
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