Furesø Picnicbox - Restaurant Skovlyst

Presented by Furesø Picnicfestival

Experience the taste of Furesø!
To be booked at the latest the 8th of June at 8pm

On this year's picnicfestival, various restaurants have created a picnic-menu with delicious food with an added local twist to it. The picnicbox contains small picnic-friendly delights, disposable cutlery, napkins, inspiration-map with routes, picnic-spots and a program for the entire picnic-festival.

Skovlyst Picnicbox:

- Croutons with ramson-dip
- Cured veal topside with pickled red-onion
- Roasted beef-fillet in a nettleoil, cabbage and scallions
- Malt marinaded salmon with fennel crudité and sorrel
- Potatoes with radish and smoked cheese
- Berry trifle with berrys from Rokkedyssegaard
- Light and dark bread with butter

Saturday 10. Jun. 2017 between 11:00 AM - 14:00 PM
Sunday 11.Jun 2017 between 11:30 AM-12:00 PM

Address: Lørdag/Saturday: Restaurant Skovlyst, Skovlystvej 2, 3500 Værløse Søndag/Sunday: Flyvestationen Værløse, Bringevej, 2760 Måløv

Read more: www.picnicfestival.dk
Der er ingen billetter til salg i øjeblikket til denne event.