Gastronomy and mindfulness - heritage of the monks

Presented by Nordkystens Kunsttriennale 2019

The life of monks as experienced through an incredible and edible night of food and sound curated by chef, entrepeneur and culinary performance artist Mette Martinussen and sound designer Ditlev Brinth. Inspired by the monestary ideals of rythm, repetition and silence they invite you to join them for a moment of contemplation. 

The audience is shown through three sensory room that each take their starting point in the monks division of the day. You will step into a mix of loneliness and unity that define the life of a monk - and even more so is relevant today. Today we are stressing ourselves by searching for meaning and the definition of self in a global, ever changing world. You will taste and share a number of extraordinary sensory food experiences that are inspired by the search for inner peace. 

Mette Martinussen har worked with using food as a meeting point for people wince the opening of her first restaurant. She is the co-founder of performance theater group Madeleines Madteater that has provoked and seduced a dining audience from all over the world for ten years. She has developed and directed plays where dining is part of the experience latest Festen and a staging of babette's Feast at Republique Theater. 

Ditlev Brinth studied staging and sound at The Danish National School of Performing Arts. He specialises in the audio and visual expression of sound and has worked on numerous plays and installations where he creates contrasting sound universes. 


A secret selection of food and drinks!
Drinks are included in the price

Address: Esrum Kloster & Møllegård, Klostergade 12, 3230 Græsted

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