KOST and Birkemosegaard invites you to dinner in the mullet

Presented by KOST - the event is part of the Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival

KOST and Birkemosegaard invites you to dinner in the mullet

Now you have the opportunity to enjoy a great meal in the middle of the surroundings where the produce is produced. KOST, which daily sells from biodynamic and organic small producers in the store at Vesterbro, has rented a large bus that takes you from Copenhagen to Birkemosegaard and back home to Vesterbro. Together with good people you will be served a menu based on vegetables, fish and meat from Birkemosegaard and the best commodities we can find from the muld. You will be able to look around the farm where the food historian Asmus will speak about local food and their significance in a historical perspective. If the farme Jesper can be detached from his work in the field, he will also tell about life as a biodynamic farmer.

The ticket includes a bus from KOST on Sønder boulevard 52, Copenhagen V to Birkemosegaard at Sjællands Odde and bus back again to Kost after dinner. We expect to be back in Copenhagen around kl. 23:30

The menu:
Sparkling apple in the bus
Five servings served on dishes and plates
Drinks (also without alcohol)
450 DKK

The event is supported by Greater Copenhagen – Fremtidens Madmekka

Address: Kost, Sønder boulevard 52, 1720 København V

Der er ingen billetter til salg i øjeblikket til denne event.

Dronningens Tværgade 8A,
1302 København S
CVR: 33759223