Long table dinner in NV with Rødder x FireTyve

Presented by Rødder x Fire Tyve

The two nordvest-neighbours Rødder and Fire Tyve will join forces and roll out the long tables during the big NV street party on Bygmestervej. Together they will serve delicious dishes using the summer's best organic ingredients from small local and regenerative farms. The local Skruens Bakery will serve its lovely sourdough bread, while local producers and bars will provide a steady stream of cool drinks with some good live music on the side.

Come and eat with us when we gather at the long tables to celebrate community and good taste at this year's coziest street party in the Nordvest neighbourhood!

Your hosts
Rødder is based in Pladefabrikken on Bispevej in the Nordvest neighbourhood, where they carry out an open lunch canteen on weekdays that during weekends gets transformed into a cozy event space, as well as a organic catering, long tables out in the fields, concerts and much more - always with a focus on creating a cozy setting that makes you present. The food is always prepared with organic and local ingredients from small regenerative farms and with a focus on highlighting the green taste on the plate.


The wine bar Fire Tyve opened its doors last spring in the backyard of Demokrati Garage on Rentemestervej. Here you find a relaxed setting, where you can indulge in carefully selected natural wines, as well as plenty of snacks and small dishes made from local ingredients from small organic farms. In 2024, Fire Tyve has been nominated for bar of the year in Politiken.


In case of rain...
In the event of very bad weather, the event will be cancelled. You will receive direct notification from the organiser.

Cabbage in focus
This year's headliner at Copenhagen Cooking 2024 is cabbage, and under the heading Cabbage Love, it will play an undisputed leading role in the ambition to make this versatile vegetable even more attractive.

Cabbage is full of flavour, affordable, filling, full of health and good for the body and the climate - and it thrives in our local climate. See all food events with cabbage in focus here and buy this year's cabbage poster by Pine Cone Project here.

Read more about this year's headliner here.

Address: Bygmestervej, 2400 København NV


A selection of green family-style servings, packed with lots of taste and fullness!

Homemade sourdough bread from Skruen's bakery

Crispy late summer greens from Andelsgaarde, cream on homemade fresh cheese, herbal oil and crispy buckwheat

Cream of peas and sunflower, topped with fermented sauerkraut powder

Celery and mushrooms from Bygaard BBQ with blackcurrants and plenty of spices

Potatoes, pickled mustard seeds, Danish feta and greens from Svanholm

Summer cabbage in different textures and preparations

En del af Copenhagen Cooking

Arrangementet er en del af Copenhagen Cooking, en årligt tilbagevendende madfestival i København. I 10 dage fra den 16. – 25. august samler vi de absolut bedste kokke, restauranter, gastro-nørder, kulturinstitutioner og madfolk for at hylde hovedstadens madscene.

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Saturday 17. Aug. 2024 at 17:30 - 20:30
á 250,00 kr.
+ 23,00 kr.
Saturday 17. Aug. 2024 at 17:30 - 20:30
Børn under 10 år
á 125,00 kr.
+ 12,00 kr.

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