Food workshop for children at Bakkehuset

Presented by Bakkehuset

200 years ago, there were no refrigerators, and you could not go to Netto after a bag of candy. Bakkehuset's exciting summer exhibition is "Dine with Kamma Rahbek and H.C. Andersen "and is about food and eating habits in the golden age. We invite children to the food workshop - together will we make the sweets of that days 200 years ago. Along the way, the museum's children ambassadors will show around the museum and exhibition. This part is only for children.
You can take the items produced in the food workshop with you home. Remember an empty jam jar and warm clothes as the food workshop takes place outdoors.

The whole family can join, but the tour itself is for children only.
It is free for children to attend.  We have an entrance, if parents would like to visit inside the museum.

Address: Bakkehuset, Rahbeks Allé 23, 1801 Frederiksberg

Der er ingen billetter til salg i øjeblikket til denne event.

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