Evening of St. Martin

Presented by Restaurant Cofoco

Evening of St. Martin / Mortensaften

at Restaurant Cofoco

Tuesday the 10th of November is know as Mortensaften in Danish. It marks the fateful evening in which Martin of Tours was betrayed by a flock of geese as he tried to hide in order not to be ordained bishop back in the year 371. Martin ended up becoming a bishop due to the betrayal, but he would since get his revenge on the geese. He commanded that every year on November 10, goose should be eaten in all households.

Goose has since become duck, and in several countries incl. In Denmark we still enjoy eating duck (or goose) on the 10th of November. We call Martin by the name Morten, hence the name Mortensaften (Morten's Evening).

At Restaurant Cofoco we have made a menu for the occasion which consists of the following:

Rimet sustainable salmon from Hirtshals: green grapes, horseradish, puffed wild rice and kale shoots

Mussel soup: squid, mutzu apples, pickled tapioca, parsley oil and croutons

Duck breast: kohlrabi, caramelized celery puree, dried cranberries and allspice sauce

Mandarin yogurt ice cream: ruby chocolate ganache, rehydrated cherries and cherry powder



Our wine card is filled with red and white wines to accompany the duck, perfect for a cosy evening with friends and family. 

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