Shellfish Party in Ny Adelgade

Presented by Copenhagen Cooking

In the iconic street, Ny Adelgade, located in the charming middle-age blocks in inner city Copenhagen, we invite you to A Shellfish Party. The event is hosted by Bar Deco, Palæ Bar and the fish restaurant H3.

This day, Ny Adelgade vil be closed off and a decorative long table will be set up in the middle of the street. The long table will set the scene for a day of unity and great food! You have the choice between two shellfish menus, both meticulously curated with the best the sea has to offer!

H3, a beautiful seafood restaurant located in Amager, will bring their expertise in fish and shellfish, while Bar Deco and Palæ Bar has you cover for drinks! 

The bar will be open from 12, so you are more than welcome to arrive in good time and enjoy the day on Ny Adelgade. We look forward to seeing you there!

Drinks can be bought on the day.

Please note that the price listed below is excluding fees.


Address: Bar Deco, Ny Adelgade 5, 1104 København K

En del af Copenhagen Cooking

Arrangementet er en del af Copenhagen Cooking, en årligt tilbagevendende madfestival i København. I 10 dage fra den 20. – 29. august samler vi de absolut bedste kokke, restauranter, gastro-nørder, kulturinstitutioner og madfolk for at hylde hovedstadens madscene.

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