Beermusicbingo with Absalon

Presented by Copenhagen Cooking 2023

This event will be in Danish

Join us when Absalon, according to tradition, brings their bingo equipment to Copenhagen Beer Week's ØlTorv at Israels Plads. The evening is based on a round of festive beer music banko, where the numbers on the bank chargers are replaced by song titles. There must, among other things, sing along to "Stik mig en øl", "Knap en bajer op", "Drunk In the Morning", "Sidder på et værtshus" and many more. So grab your friends and enjoy a game of banko like you've never tried before!

As every year, the breweries have not held back in handing out cool (beer) prizes! One ticket gives you three records, so there are good chances of going home with a delicious beer (or three) under your arm. There will of course be one row, two rows and a full record played until the clock hits 22:00, and there will be space for breaks, where there is plenty of opportunity to taste various beers while the music plays in the background. So look forward to lots of group singing and maybe it's you who gets the bingo!

Ps: Included in the ticket is one can of this year's CPHBW festival beer, Rock Brew. The beer is brewed by four Bornholm breweries and is a maibock with a lot of German hops. It has an alcohol percentage of 6.2, so it's a merry beer – perfect for a merry evening!

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Address: Sceneteltet på Festivalspladsen, Israels Plads, 1361 København K

En del af Copenhagen Cooking

Arrangementet er en del af Copenhagen Cooking, en årligt tilbagevendende madfestival i København. I 10 dage fra den 18. – 27. august samler vi de absolut bedste kokke, restauranter, gastro-nørder, kulturinstitutioner og madfolk for at hylde hovedstadens madscene.

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