Ølsmagning i det 100 år gamle post-bestyrelseslokale på Hotel Villa Copenhagen

Presented by Mikkeller

Beer tasting in the 100-year-old post boardroom at Hotel Villa Copenhagen.

In connection with the opening of Hotel Villa Copenhagen, Mikkeller has teamed up with the hotel on the use of the ancient boardrooms, which otherwise cannot be accessed. We have made a special beer tasting with Mikkeller Baghaven, where you can try a selection of vinous, sour and dry beers, which will surely push your limits for what you associate with beer.

Price per. person is 300 DKK

For this price, you get the opportunity to enter the old post boardroom and a minimum of 5 x 10 cl Mikkeller Baghaven Beer.

Please note that this is a special beer style which means that the beer has vinous notes. 

Address: Tietgensgade 35-39, 1704 København

Der er ingen billetter til salg i øjeblikket til denne event.