POP-UP – pintxos, antipasti, and wines from the top shelf 7 servings and 7 wines Long table dinner

Presented by Kolibri i Frederiksberg Vinhandel

Kolibri at Frederiksberg Vinhandel

POP-UP – pintxos, antipasti, and wines from the top shelf and Funk Music for Boomers

7 servings and 7 wines

Long table dinner


Kolibri is initially a new food club that will organize POP-UPS at Frederiksberg Vinhandel. The idea is to give our customers an experience that focuses on BOTH the food and the wine. To put it plainly, we are a bit tired down here. We are tired of all the so-called “offers” or deals on the Copenhagen restaurant scene that flourish everywhere and in the end are nothing but poor Danish discount - PDD

We have reflected and realized that it can be done better. Kolibri is the essence of what we believe is the perfect wine and food experience at the BEST price, considering the quality in the equation.

A Tribute to the "Small Dish

This has been made possible for us because we have been lucky enough to meet Gustavo Cordes, who is a real chef, but not only that, he also grew up preparing small dishes in Buenos Aires, Mallorca, and France, and therefore masters the art of pairing the perfect pintxos with any wine.


When we go out and take advantage of the so-called “deals,” it's usually the wines that suffer. At best, they are drinkable, and at worst, they are wines that would be sold for 75 DKK and below in retail. This truly offends our professional pride, and when you sign up for one of our Pop-Ups, you can be sure that the wine not only has high quality but also an outstanding personality, and it is always made by farmers who know every single vine on their fields and take sustainability seriously.


After we have eaten, "Boomer-Funk" (the real deal) will be played from the sound system, and you are welcome to stay and continue to enjoy the evening. We call this part of the evening Funkorama, which, by the way, is a radio program managed by Morten Wulff, one of the wine enthusiasts at the address.

We naturally hope for great support already for our first event. It is our great wish to continue making these events after the summer.

Address: Frederiksberg Allé 25, 1820

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