Purani Dilli - The Taste of Old Delhi

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Step into the timeless allure of Old Delhi's royal cuisine - a journey through centuries-old recipes that evoke the essence of a bygone era. Experience the opulence of creamy kormas, sizzling burra kebabs, and fragrant biryanis, each bite a symphony of flavors that transport you to the bustling streets of Purani Dilli. Join Sanaz Food Journey for an unforgettable dining event featuring iconic dishes and exquisite desserts crafted with love from India's culinary treasure trove. Reserve your seat at our table and indulge in the rich flavors of Old Delhi delights that will linger in your memory long after the last bite is savored.


Keema Naan with Salad

Minced meat nestled within warm, freshly baked naan, paired perfectly with arugula and carrot pickle salad

Delhi Special Chicken Barra

Succulent chicken marinated in age-old Delhi spice mix, grilled to perfection

Mutton Shahi Korma

Boneless pieces of mutton simmered to perfection in a rich, creamy nut and onion-based sauce infused with aromatic spices.

Degi Biryani

Basmati rice and perfectly cooked meat entice your taste buds as you indulge in our flavorful degi biryani, a true masterpiece of Old Delhi cuisine.

Purani Dilli ka Meetha

The perfect sweet finale: Treat yourself to a delightful selection of traditional desserts that capture the essence of Old Delhi's sweet indulgences. Give us a chance to surprise you.

Join us and embark on a culinary adventure through the flavors of Old Delhi. Gather your friends and family, and experience the magic of authentic Indian cuisine like never before!

Date: 30th May

Time: 6 to 9

Location: Kitchen Collective

Contact: info@sanazfoodjourney.com

Don't miss out on this unforgettable culinary experience! Reserve your table now and prepare to delight in the taste of Old Delhi.

About Sa-naz Food Journey

At Sana’z Food Journey, we are driven by a shared mission to celebrate cultural diversity through the universal language of food. We inspire, educate, and connect food lovers worldwide by sharing authentic recipes, engaging stories, and immersive culinary experiences. We aim to honor tradition while embracing innovation, inviting you to join us as we savour India’s diverse flavours, one delicious dish at a time.

About Chef Sana

Formerly at Ark Collection- Beyla by Souls, Chef Sana Quidwai brings her culinary prowess from Dubai to Copenhagen. With experience at Prime 68 in Dubai's J W Marriott Marquise, she excels in high-quality cuisine.

Trained at ICCA Dubai, Chef Sana holds certifications in Nutrition Science and Multi-Sensory Dining. Her accolades include medals at esteemed competitions like the Singapore FHA and Luxembourg World Cup.

Aside from her culinary feats, she has led culinary organizations and served as an Ambassador for the MENA region. Chef Sana's commitment to excellence ensures unforgettable dining experiences in Copenhagen.

Address: kitchen collective, Slagtehusgade 11A

Read more: https://www.instagram.com/sanazfoodjourney/
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