Taste of Værnedamsvej: Hanzo

Presented by Madklubben

'Taste of Værnedamsvej' is a street party in one of Copenhagen’s best food streets. This Sunday, the good people in the different kitchens in the street have created a special ‘Værnedamsvej menu’. You pick up the menu at the restaurants and bring it to the communal table in the street - this day closed off to traffic.

Hanz? – an Asian-inspired restaurant run by Madklubben – doesn’t really care much for borders, rules or traditions. For the Værnedamsvej street party, Hanz? serves up a freewheeling menu of street food and gourmet that takes you on a culinary journey from Japan over China to Thailand and Vietnam.

The menu costs 200 kr. per person ad you can choose between two settings either 11:30am to 3.30pm or 3.30pm to 7.30pm. 

‘Taste of Værnedamsvej’ is supported by the City of Copenhagen.



Snacks: Shrimp crisps with avokado/cucumber dip

Starter: Fresh rolls with asian greens and spic dip // Vegetarian: Deep-fried rice chips with avokado and cucumber dip

Main: Traditional red curry with chicken and rice // Vegetarian: Vietnamese noodlesalad, peanuts, cucumber and herbs

Dessert: Creamy yuzu-fromage with fresh mint and passion fruit

Address: Hanzo, Værnedamsvej 14 , 1619 København

Read more: https://www.copenhagencooking.dk/program/
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Trelleborggade 15
2150 Nordhavn
CVR: 33759223