Stage Dining - Fine Dining

Presented by Rub & Stub og Roskilde Festival

Did you know that last year, 1500 people dined together in front of the Orange Stage at the biggest food event in Roskilde Festival’s history? Well, this year you have the chance of being part of beating that record!

Roskilde Festival and Rub & Stub’s Food Collective invite you and 1999 other festivalgoers for a shared food experience extraordinaire. In front of the iconic Orange Stage, food artists, storytellers and many others will join forces with you and your fellow stage diners to create an awakening of the senses, a sense of community. So, we thought, if we gather 2000 people for a shared food experience, maybe add some music, or a little art, magic is bound to happen.

Do you want in on that magic feeling? Then bring your friends, your family, your neighbour - Stage Dining is for all of us!

July 5th, 2018. 11.00-13.00.


ACCESS TO THE FESTIVAL: Buying a ticket for Stage Dining does not automatically grant you access to the Roskilde Festival. Festival tickets must be purchased separately through Roskilde Festival’s official ticket sale.

ENTRANCE ZONES: Please note that the Stage Dining area will be divided into two entrance and seating zones: A and B. If you want to be seated in the same zone as your friends, please make sure to buy tickets for the same zone. However, while we will do our utmost to seat you together, if you arrive together AND have bought tickets for the same zone, we cannot guarantee it - 2000 stage diners is a massive jigsaw puzzle.

INFORMATION PRIOR TO THE EVENT: We recommend that you accept recieving information about this specific event. Everyone accepting this, will a few days prior to the event recieve an email containing important information.

FOOD ALLERGIES AND DIETARY RESTRICTIONS: Due to the size of the event, it is unfortunately not possible to tailor the menu to accommodate allergies or dietary restrictions. However, the menu will contain plenty of vegetarian elements to fill up a vegetarian stomach.

A video team and photographers will be documenting all of Stage Dining 2018.

Address: Roskilde Festival, in front of Orange Stage

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