Get a Taste of Chinese New Year

Presented by Hot Pot Republic

Event Price: 325 dkk

Join the celebration of Chinese new year! The Chinese Lunar New Year is a 20-day festival beckoning in new beginnings and change – and this year, you can celebrate with us!

From 17.01 to 02.02, you will experience a unique festival menu, authentic decoration and special trained staff who can use the 12 zodiac sign to foretell your fortune in the year of the rat!

-Share a Festival Edition of Hot Pot -

We’ll bring some never-before seen ingredients to the table as part of the Chinese New Year’s menu – but make sure you let others have the first bite as you cook your food together!

4 Different flavours to choose – kimchi, mala, spicy tomato and umami
Cod, Beef & Pork
Chinese winter melon, lotus root, wood ear mushroom, bok choy, daikon, etc.
Green-pea-based glass noodles, dumplings, tofu skin, tofu, etc.
Traditional Chinese dipping sauce

Snow Fungus Dessert Soup
Slow-cooked snow fungus, goji berries, lotus seeds, longan, red dates and sweetened with rock sugar

-Foretell Your Fortune in the Year of the Rat-

There are 12 animals, each representing a year in the 12-year cycle of the Lunar Calendar. In ancient China, the zodiac animals were used to predict the fortune of individuals and the country – maybe it still holds true today? Make sure to ask our staff for the secret red envelope which holds your 2020 fortune!

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Address: Vesterbrogade 146, 1620 Copenhagen V

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