Tekken & Tempura

Presented by Saito

In collaboration with Mishima Zaibatsu – we proudly present, King of Iron Fist Tournament vol. 2!

Swing by for a cozy get together, centered around nostalgia and japanese comfort food. We will fire up the ol' Playstation 1™? and invite any and all comers to bouts of Tekken 3 – the mother of all fighting games.

The fighting will take place in the urban arena and food lab - Kitchen Collective, in the meatpacking district of Copenhagen, on Sunday, August 20th, from 13.00 to 17.00 - or until there is only one fighter left standing.

We will serve kakiage vegetable tempura, onigiri and Jpanese style potato salad, in addition to beer, to keep the fighters' stamina up for the duration of the grueling tournament.

Please note: By imperial decree, we cannot have walk-ins for our events, so please do book a ticket in advance, before you show up looking for a fight.
Tickets are for access to the tournament. Food and drinks sold separately.

The price below does not include ticket fees 


Included in the ticket is participation in the tournament Food and drink can be purchased on the day

Address: Kitchen collective, Slagterhusgade 11A, 1715

En del af Copenhagen Cooking

Arrangementet er en del af Copenhagen Cooking, en årligt tilbagevendende madfestival i København. I 10 dage fra den 18. – 27. august samler vi de absolut bedste kokke, restauranter, gastro-nørder, kulturinstitutioner og madfolk for at hylde hovedstadens madscene.

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