Tropical Bistro

Presented by KANDY SPICES og Botti Vinbar

David de Silva, KANDY SPICES presents together with Botti Vinbar Tropical Bistro pop up with Sri Lankan snacks, hoppers and curries. David serves some of his traditional favourites, but also some with a small twist of local ingredients. Lots of spices from KANDY SPICES and exotic flavors served with Botti's wines poured by Bo Bratlan. 

Short Eats

Sri Lankan snacks

“Pearl” oyster
oyster with turmeric and ginger mignonette

pickled tropical fruits with red shallots, mustard seeds & chili
Jackfruit cutlets & hot sauce
croquettes with potato & jackfruit

“Fjordreje” vadai
lentil fritter with fried shrimps & onion sambol

Egg hopper
srilankan crepe made with fermented rice & coconut milk batter

Kukul mas chicken curry
hopballe mølle chicken with roasted curry, ginger & chili

seeni onion sambol, pol coconut sambol & green leaves sambol



Address: Gl. Kongevej 107, 1850 Frederiksberg

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