Wine & Bubble BINGO BANGO - The 3 B's

Presented by Frederiksberg Vinhandel

WINE and BUBBLES BINGO BANKO - Lots of prizes

Of course, it's all about wine and bubbles, lots of wine and bubbles. We're in a gift mood, and there are prizes at stake, lots of prizes.

The main prize in the last game is a climax bottle of enchanted nectar created by the bohemian from Barcelona, Ramon Gramona. His "Grandalla Gran Reserva" in Magnum is truly something unique, bursting out like a shooting star in the blue summer sky.

Then, of course, there are all the other prizes. We'll be pulling things off the shelves along the way, pouring glasses, and generally trying to be as generous as one can be, without necessarily having to be Santa Claus himself out of season.

How we do it:

Upon arrival, everyone will be served a glass of bubbles, and won't those glasses likely be refilled along the way?

We'll play with 3 cards, and there will naturally be wine prizes along the way with 3 types of games:

1 horizontal line, 2 horizontal lines, and a full card.

In the game for 1 line, you have bingo when all the numbers in a horizontal line are drawn.

Then the game continues until all the numbers on 2 horizontal lines are drawn.

Then it's all about the full card! Here, you need to have all the numbers drawn on one card to have bingo, but then you also win the main prize if you're the first one to do so.

The big grand prize goes to the one with a full card in the last round.

Wine bingo is also a music and film quiz:

Along the way, the Bingo Master will ask some quiz questions—

First, there will be a very easy wine question, but if this cannot be answered, a question within the realm of film and music will be asked.

Of course, there are also prizes for correct answers.

We look forward to seeing you and your friends.

Address: Frederiksberg Allé 25, 1820 Frederiksberg C

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