Wine & Walk x Copenhagen Harbor Special

Presented by Copenhagen Insight

Join Copenhagen Insight and enjoy the early summer in Copenhagen Harbor with 4 glasses of delicious wine from Vinimondo.

It's the weekend, and it's finally starting to get warm in the air, so how do you best experience Copenhagen?

One option is a charming early summer Social Tour through Copenhagen's Harbor, where there will be stories, wine tasting, and lots of high spirits along the way.

Copenhagen Insight focuses on creating Social Tours where you can enjoy the atmosphere from point A to B as much as you enjoy the stories at A and B. The tour always focuses on all the exciting initiatives and opportunities in Copenhagen during spring and summer, ensuring you're well-prepared to make the most of it all. After the tour, you'll be super ready for the 2024 season in Copenhagen :-) The tour is guided by Rasmus Poul Bodholdt from Copenhagen Insight.

Wine & Walk is organized in collaboration with Vinimondo in Christianshavn and includes 4 glasses of wine - a round of tasty Saturday cava, rosé, white, and red wine.

This time, we start the tour under Knippelsbro on the Christianshavn side and continue through Christianshavn, ending near Operaparken.

For questions regarding Wine & Walk, contact

The early summer shouldn't just be seen; it should be felt and enjoyed... And the fact that it tastes good is just delightful!

Address: Under Knippelsbro, ved Kulturtårnet, 1400 København K

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