Yusras Køkken Pop-up: Like mom makes it in the Levant

Presented by Yusras Køkken

We serve a fantastic Levantine dinner in Kødbyen (København)

Yusra cooks like you do to your extended family in rural Syria. Her farm in Darai, in southern Syria, had over 300 olive trees and a cellar full of storage chambers with olives, olive oil, pickled vegetables, cheeses, yoghurt and other goodies that she made with her family. She also spent many years living in Kuwait, and since coming to Denmark, she has worked to adapt the authentic Levantine recipes and combinations to Danish palates. 

Yusra cooks out of love for the ingredients and for the people who gather around her table, and now, you can join!. 



Goulash Sapanekh

Layered filo pastry marinated with milk, egg and butter, filled with Yusra's spinach and cheese mixture. Baked golden and crispy.


The immortal classic, hummus made with chickpeas, olive oil, tahini. Freshly prepared the way Yusras makes it.

Khubs Kaleb

Yusras' homemade Levantine focaccia made from wheat flour with nigella, sesame and fennel.


The savoury Levantine dip of mashed red peppers, olive oil, walnuts, garlic, tomato, breadcrumbs, pomegranate syrup, tahini and Yusras spices.

Main courses

Maqloupa Dajaj
This elegant dish combines juicy aubergines, tomato, rice and chicken baked in layers in a pan, which are turned at serving. A work of art for the eyes and taste buds.

(Also served in a vegetarian version) 

Kebbe b'Laban

The beautiful kebbe are bulgur buns with a meat filling of minced lamb and beef. In this version, the kebbe is cooked in a white creamy yoghurt sauce.


This original Levantine salad combines fresh lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, red pepper, spring onion, parsley, mint, olive oil and pomegranate, topped with Yusra's own dressing and pieces of toasted Arabic bread.



Delicious crispy baklawa. "The secret to a good baklawa is to temper the sugar so that the other ingredients come into their own," says Yusra. Filo pastry in triangles, filled with cream, topped with pistachios. Baked to crispy and golden perfection.

Wine, beer, and non-alcoholic drinks are sold by the glass or bottle.  

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Yusra's Kitchen combines the love of food, traditions and meaningful work: our purpose is also socio-economic, as we want to employ more women who, like Yusra, have had difficulty finding work where they can use their unique knowledge in the Danish labour market.

Address: Slagtehusgade 11A,

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