Asian Hot Pot Culinary Experience

Presented by Hot Pot Republic

What’s hot pot?

If there is a type of food experience, combining socializing, great taste, and interactive eating adventure, that must be hot pot!
Hot pot--also known as steamboat in Thailand and Korea, Shabu-shabu in Japan, is one of the most social dining formats you can think of. Not only are you gathered at one table sharing a meal with your friends or family, but you're cooking food together.
We miss a hot pot restaurant in Copenhagen, so we are thrilled to bring the authentic hot pot experience to you!

What will you experience?

*Great taste and healthy food
The culinary journey will start from exploring intriguing Asian hot pot, through to tropical Malaysian dessert. Variety of vegetables and meat, hot pot has low gluten, low fat and no carbohydrates. You will be impressed by this exceptional food experience.

*Super hyggelig
If there’s one universal hot pot rule, that would be this—you only "hot pot" with people you like! With this special food format, you will enjoy a super hyggelig journey by sharing the gastronomy together with your good company.

*Interactive eating adventure
In a way, you will “cook” your hot pot together with friends. Take your time while engaging with 13 different Asian vegetables and ingredients. Explore their unique features and flavours.

What will you get?

• 1 starter drink: cold brewed Oolong tea with Goji berries made by Flora Tehus
• 2 types of hotpot soup base: spicy one and non-spicy one
• 2 types of meat
• 6 types of fresh vegetables
• 5 tasty Asian ingredients: Special-made Tofu; fish balls, surimi crab, dry beancurd, and golden needle mushroom
• 2 type of sauces
• 1 Malaysian dessert: Sago with Coconut milk and rose

We also provide a variety of inexpensive Asian juice, Asian beer, wine and other drinks in the bar.

Curious about hot pot? we made a video for you:

Remark: It requires at least two persons to order a hot pot. So you need to choose 2 tickets or more. (One booking is for one table. One ticket is for one person)

Address: CPH Food Space, Slagtehusgade 11, 1715 Copenhagen, Denmark

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