The World's (perhaps) Most Sustainable Dinner 2.0

Presented by Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival

For 'The 'World's (perhaps) Most Sustainable Dinner 2.0' the culinary laboratory .506 delivers world-class gastronomic fuel! Food that takes into account and highlights our amazing and ever-changing planet.

The planet is constantly changing. It changes because of us. Climate change is a reality and we and our friends from .506 believe that we can change this by thinking innovatively and exploiting all opportunities. If we all change our daily habits and routines we can take care of the planet together.

You will experience a tour de force through sustainable dishes, ingredients and new culinary flavors for this truly sustainable dinner.

The menu is based on locally grown vegetables and herbs. .506's vertical farm plays a major role. All packaging and material is 100% recyclable and degradable. We have ensured that waste from packaging is limited to almost nothing. All fabrics - from chef jackets to tablecloths - are made of recycled and reusable materials. With this dinner we hope to open your eyes to an extraordinary sustainable dining experience and provide inspiration for the home kitchen.


Cocoa waste juice gimlet

First act
Peels of Jerusalem artichoke marinated in lemon and thyme oil
Baked beetroot from Søris, elder blossom, vinegar and home cured elder berries
Ugly tomatores and pickled mustard

Second act
Chard yellow beets, pickled beach roses and cress from our vertical farm
Celeriac from Søris, sesame and chili
Grilled ugly carrots from Grim, chives, corn emulsion, and wild garlic
Beans, wild foraged mushrooms, rosemary and raspberries
Bread from leftover celeriac brushed with grilled cabbage and miso served with a spread from green kale

Lolly flavoured with wil blueberries, bitter fairtrade chocolate

Address: Festivalpladsen // Food Square, Israels Plads 1 , 1361 København

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