Sustainable dinner on Israels plads

Presented by Food Studio

Presented by .506 in cooperation with Food Studio

Experience a plant based gourmet dinner, which makes as little an impact on the environment as possible

In cooperation with Food Studio and Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival .506 are going to make their version of a sustainable dinner with local seasonal ingredients, where all the garbage will be composted and where the climatic impact is minimal.

Israels Plads will be framing the two dinners, where all the leftovers from the night before are going to be composted on Israels Plads or used for the next dinner. Therefore it will be a total sustainable food experience, where there won’t be produced trash at all. The menu is without meat, because meat productions makes a huge impact on the environment. It’s all about showing how plant based and sustainable food can taste amazing!

The dinners are developed by Robert Jacobsen and Søren Westh, who both are big pioneers within sustainable gastronomy in the North.

At the same time the two dinners are a part of .506’s mission about setting new standards within sustainable cooking.

The price includes menu + wine or juice



  • Carrots baked in clai
  • Sweet corns baked in salt.
  • Variation of vegetables in season.


  • Potato peels with riscotta of Copenhagen baked in bread.
  • Roasted leeks with honey from Nørrebro and mustard
  • Beetroot in dill and flax seeds
  • Barbecued cauliflower, garlic and sauerkraut.


  • Apple in schnapps and wood sorrel

Address: Festivalcentrum - Laden, Israels plads, Linnésgade 3, 1361 København K

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