Frederiksberg Harvest Feast: Gemyse x Aarstiderne

Presented by Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival

Restaurant Gemyse is one of this year's new additions at Frederiksberg Harvest Feast. It is a pleasure to welcome Mette Dahlgaard and her skilled troops to Frederiksberg Allé. With them they have Aarstiderne, which grows organic vegetables and delivers organic meal-boxes throughout Denmark.

Menu: Pending

Gemyse is beautifully situated in the middle of Tivoli and is a restaurant that focuses on green gastronomy. Here, even the smallest plant is treated with the same respect as the finest piece of meat, and the green, organic ingredients play the main role with lots of flavor and texture - often combined with spices from around the world. Gemyse has only been open for a few years, but has already received many praise reviews and acknowledgments for his green, innovative kitchen

Aarstiderne's idea is simple: They pack the season's best organic produce in a box, add recipes written for tasty everyday meals and deliver the box to your front door. The first box from Aarstiderne came into the world in 1999. Today Aarstiderne delivers meal boxes to around 50,000 households in Denmark and 10,000 in Sweden. It's still all about the joy of organic vegetables and tasty meals and Aarstiderne grows, like the seasons, year on year.

The practicalities: Each guest has to bring their own plate, cutlery and glass • There will be both beer and wine bars on sight • You will be sitting at the table of the specific restaurant, so be sure to buy tickets for the same restaurant if you want to sit together • We meet at 17.30 and at 18.00 dinner is served • At 21.00 we say thank you and good bye • In case of rain we have taken care of plan B.

About Frederiksberg Harvest Feast: Frederiksberg Harvest Feast is a partnership between The Municipality of Frederiksberg and Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival. Supported by the Tuborg Foundation. Il Fornaio will provide delicious handmade sourdough bread and organic olive oil to dip the bread in.


Carrots with fermented white raddish, yeast emulsion and greens from the field

Brisket with grilled corn, chilli mayonaise and lime. Organic bread made with kimchi-water

Apple trifle with wild herbs from the field

Address: Frederiksberg Allé, 1820 Frederiksberg C

Der er ingen billetter til salg i øjeblikket til denne event.