Frederiksberg Harvest Feast: Meyers Deli x Birkemosegaard

Presented by Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival

Not too far from Copenhagen where the soil is rich on nutrients the farm Birkemosegaard produces some of the best organic and biodynamic vegetables and fruit Denmark has to offer. These wonderful vegegies serve as the basis of the menu for this harvest feast at the beautiful street of Frederiksberg Allé created by Meyers Deli in close collaboration with owner of Birkemosegaard Jesper.

Meyers Deli is a modern eatery with comfort food for everyday life, tastiness to go, freshly baked bread and cakes from Meyers Bakery and a large variety of delicacies from near and far. Their own selection of jams, cold-smoked salmon, vinegars and charcuterie from the small workshops in Nordhavn are a part of the signature delicacies. At Meyers Deli you can enjoy freshly made dishes from the Nordic cuisine as well as updated versions of Danish food classics.

Birkemosegaard has been s a biodynamic and organic farm since 1968. The same family has owned the farm for four generations. Birkemosegaard is located in the north part of the island of Zealand and the current farmers, Jesper and Kung, produce biodynamic and organic fruit, vegetables, berries and beef.

The practicalities: Each guest has to bring their own plate, cutlery and glass • There will be both beer and wine bars on sight • You will be sitting at the table of the specific restaurant, so be sure to buy tickets for the same restaurant if you want to sit together • We meet at 17.30 and at 18.00 dinner is served • At 21.00 we say thank you and goodbye • In case of rain, we have taken care of plan B.

About Frederiksberg Harvest Feast: Frederiksberg Harvest Feast is a partnership between The Municipality of Frederiksberg and Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival. Supported by the Tuborg Foundation. Il Fornaio will provide delicious handmade sourdough bread and organic olive oil to dip the bread in.


’Tartar’ of baked beets with cream of smoked cheese, pickled onions, caper flowers, cold pressed rapeseed oil, salted egg yolk and crunchy rye. Served with sour dough bread baked by the farm’s own baker.

Braised beef with a variation of cabbage, baked leeks, new potatoes and lovage dressing

Trifle made from farm apples with crunchy malt, soft cream and lemon herbs

Address: Frederiksberg Allé, 1820 Frederiksberg C

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