Hoppers by KANDY SPICES has teamed up with Solfinn from Rødder & Vin to make an evening with delicious spicy bites and good natural wine.
It goes down at RØDDER & VIN: BAR Ravnsborggade 10 and Solfinn will pour his fantastic and natural wines.
The atmosphere is cozy and rustic and the room is quickly filled with guests both sitting at the large table adorning the entrance but also on bar stools and standing next to the high tables.

We serve from 18:00 onwards, but you can book your place right here right now.

The menu is inspired by Sri Lankan dishes and spices.

Menu 150, -

Oyster Speciale
w / hot sauce & turmeric mignonette vinaigrette

Ceviche Cingalaise & Coconut Roties
Cucumber, onions, tomato, lime, chili & black pepper

"Egg hopper"
Fermented rice and coconut crepes w / fish eggs, sour cream & spicy "gremolata"

150, - per pers.

Hoppers by KANDY SPICES is the first Sri Lankan pop up restaurant in Scandinavia. David de Silva grew up in Denmark with a Danish mother and a Sri Lankan father and for several years David ran the restaurant DAVIDS BISTRO in Copenhagen. During periods early on the legs when he cooked the Go´Morgen Denmark on TV2.

Now he has cast his love on his culinary heritage from Sri Lanka and the memories of his grandmother's pots. Travel around Sri Lanka's culinary landscape is clearer than ever, and in 2016 David de Silva started the brand KANDY SPICES, which makes spice blends, chili sauces and pop up arrangements. Since then, he has worked intensely with the Sri Lankan cuisine to hit the authentic tastes precisely, and it is now time for the rest of the world to also experience the Sri Lankan cuisine.

Sri Lanka
The tropical island of Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean offers long white sandy beaches, coconut trees and amazing dining experiences. Colorful dishes with lots of exotic spices are the hallmarks of Sri Lankan cuisine, and there is good reason for the country's popularity among food lovers all over the world.

Do not cheat yourself for a small slice of Sri Lanka's spices and book your place now

Address: Ravnsborggade 10 2200 Kbh N

Read more: www.kandyspices.com
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Trelleborggade 15
2150 Nordhavn
CVR: 33759223