Japanse in Danish

Presented by Litteraturhuset

Inspired by the Japanese cuisine, chef Katrine Klinken will guide you to a new aesthetic and easy approach to sustainable everyday food without food waste. Based on her new cookbook MÆT, she will show how to make a harmonious, varied and healthy everyday meal of the ingredients in season.

With inspiration from the Japanese daily culture, washoku, where the number five is a key element - there are at least five small dishes that contain the five basic tastes: salt, sour, sweet, bitter and umami, five different worship methods and five kinds of service - Katrine Klinken will create a meal with five dishes based on the same aesthetic criteria.

In addition, the translator Mette Holm will tell about the food and the aesthetics of food in Japanese literature.

Address: Litteraturhuset, Nybrogade 28, 1203 København K

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Dronningens Tværgade 8A
1302 København K
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