Kimchi worksop & olive oil tasting

Presented by OLIVIERS & CO

This event will be held in a combination of English and Danish.

Kimchi is an ancient Korean tradition, where delicious vegetables are conserved via fermentation. Kimchi is super healthy and beneficial for your digestion and the bacterial flora in the gut. At the moment kimchi is popping up in innovative kitchens all over Copenhagen.

The olive oil experts in OLIVIERS & CO have teamed up with the unofficial Kimchi boss lady in Copenhagen, Korean-American chef Kala Sung, so you can learn how to make kimchi.

* * * * *

Join us for a kimchi workshop and olive oil tasting on February 27th from 18.30-20.00. We will cook and make kimchi together with Kala in our olive oil shop in Frederiksberg.

We'll serve a nice glas of wine and there will be quality ingredients for your kimchi making, hygge and lots of knowledge sharing. Also there will be a small February surprise.

You'll learn how to make kimchi and we will tell you about the wonderful world of olive oil . Also you can shop with a special discount.

The price is 450 kr. all inklusive. Limited spots available.

* * * * *

We can't wait to see you.

Kala, Nina & Mikkel

Address: Gammel Kongevej 85, 1850 Frederiksberg

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