Neighbourhood Dinners: Nordvest

Presented by Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival

Copenhagen consists of many different neighborhoods with totally different identities and atmosphere. At this dinner you will meet the local people in the neighborhood of Nordvest and dine together with 99 other happy people at a communal table. The culinary lab 506. will serve a delicious starter, and you bring your own main course to share it a at table.

Nordvest is a cultural-historical patchwork on the edge of Copenhagen. Here are old fashioned bars side by side with coin laundries, kiosks, industrial buildings and hip coffee shops. Northwest is completely its own, and we will honor and celebrate with a long-distance dinner for northwesteners and the rest of Copenhagen!

The dinner takes place outdoors, so bring a warm sweater. If the weather is not with us, we move the dinner indoors. You are welcome to bring your own drinks and there will also be the opportunity to buy beer, wine and water at the bar.

'Neighborhood Dinners' are supported by the City of Copenhagen.

Address: We Do Democracy, Rentemestervej 53, 2400 København NV

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Trelleborggade 15
2150 Nordhavn
CVR: 33759223