Nørrebro Eats - Longtable dinner in Ægirsgade

Presented by Nørrebro iværksættere

Join the longtable when "Nørrebro Eats" in Ægirsgade and meet local restaurateurs, your neighboor and new aquaintances from Copenhagen.

The event is arranged by a line up of startups and locals from Nørrebro, the produce is grown in outskirts of Copenhagen and the food prepared by local chefs from restaurants in Nørrebro.

Please bring your own tableware: plate, cutlery (knife, fork and dessert spoon) and drinking glass.

The restaurants are:

Tilda og Karl - The Swiss/Sicilian – German couple who bring love for authentic food, wine and heartfelt hospitality to Nørrebro, after running a hotel in the heart of the Swiss Alps.

Casamadre - Translates to "Mothers House" with an approach to simple, humble and honestly great Italian dishes created with locally sourced seasonal produce and peppered with Italian specialties.


All produce for this dinner will be supplied by:

Basal - Byens Landhandel - Local vendor only dealing with foods grown an processed in the Greater Copenhagen Region. All products derive from less usage of land and entrepreneurs who care for the land and produce, with a short distance from farm to city.

Jazzed on Grains - Care about all food, but are particularly jazzed on heritage grains because their roots run deep and they like to dig.

Birkemosegaard - Organic farm situated in an area with a large concentration of organic farmers, which provides good ecological growing conditions for both animals and crops

Honning Katrine Klinken - Denmark's first honey shop that brings honey and other by-products from beekeepers and craftsmen to anyone who appreciates good quality and taste.

Bjonko will be in charge of the music throughout the evening.

It will be possible to purchase non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages during the dinner. All drinks are created by Danish and Scandinavian producers. This event has received support from Sharing Copenhagen & Copenhagen Cooking.

In case of bad weather we reserve the right to cancel the event no later than 24 hours before.

The price below is excluding ticket fees.


We serve a menu comprised of:

Homemade focaccia

four different vegetarian anti-pasti with seasonal produce from Birkemosegaard

Heritage Grain pasta from "Jazzed on Grains" with danish seaweed butter and green beans

Panna Cotta with honey from Katrin Klinken

You will be seated at one long table with up to 150 diners.

Please bring your own plate, cutlery (knife, fork and dessert spoon) and drinking glasses.

Address: Basal - Byens Landhandel, Ægirsgade 19, 2200 København N

En del af Copenhagen Cooking

Arrangementet er en del af Copenhagen Cooking, en årligt tilbagevendende madfestival i København. I 10 dage fra den 18. – 27. august samler vi de absolut bedste kokke, restauranter, gastro-nørder, kulturinstitutioner og madfolk for at hylde hovedstadens madscene.

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