Dinner: Lola for Gender Equality!

Presented by Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival

On Wednesday, August 28, Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival puts the spotlight on the many talented women in Danish gastronomy. Gender equality is not fully implemented in the food industry, and this is why we have dedicated a to UN Global Goal 5; Gender Equality.

The evening's big dinner is created by Restaurant Lola - a restaurant so new that it won’t open until fall. It will be a culinary house where kitchen jobs are created for those who need a helping hand to enter the labor market. Lola will be located in the iconic mill at Christianshavns Vold in Copenhagen. The restaurant will serve food inspired from all over the world - but always with greens and organic produce as the core of their menu.

Behind Lola is the Danish top chef Kamilla Seidler, who has traveled the planet and believes that gastronomy can change the world for the better. Among other things she spent five years in Bolivia, where she managed to make Restaurant Gustu one of the best restaurants in the world along with local staff, and Kamilla herself was named Latin America's best female chef. Now she has returned to Denmark and stands with his ambitious team behind the pots this evening.

The dinner this evening is created from a vision of changing the world through the food we eat. During the dinner you can experience the team from Lola tell about the purpose of creating a social gastronomic restaurant in Christianshavn.

On stage the chefs Kamilla Seidler and Mette Strarup share their experiences of running kitchens schools and restaurant projects in respectively La Paz, Bolivia and Brownsville, New York. The evening ends with a live interview on equality in the restaurant and music industry with the evenings' extra seasoning DJ Rikke Bronx. Food writer Lars Bjerregaard moderates the evening's talks and inspiration.


  • Sustainable three-course dinner from Restaurant Lola
  • Short presentation of Restaurant Lola as a House of Food and job academy
  • A talk with Kamilla Seidler and Mette Strarup telling about their experiences from earlier projects, gender equality in the restaurant business, multicultural environments, social heritage and sustainable employment conditions
  • DJ Rikke Bronx


Lentil curry with rhubarb hot sauce and crsipy chickpeas
Hand held herbal yoghurt 
Water cress salat and crisp radishes

Braised dry aged pig served with new carrots, pickled white turnips and crisp ginger 

Plums, woodruff, mascarpone and thyme honey

Address: Festivalpladsen / Food Square, Israels Plads 1, 1361 København

Read more: https://www.copenhagencooking.dk/program/
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