Udsolgt Sommerrestaurant i Kulturtårnet - 3. dæk Kulturarvsrum

Presented by Kulturtårnet på Knippelsbro

The summer restaurant in the old bridge tower at Knippelsbro. With exquisite food, carefully selected wines, a fabulous view and good company, a very special evening in Copenhagen summer.

Knippelsbro with the two bridge towers was built in 1937 as a direct road from Indre By to Christianshavn. In 2017, Kulturtårnet moved into one bridge tower, which has since provided a setting for talks, radio cinemas, exhibitions, intimate concerts and not least the annual summer restaurant.

During the evening we will offer a four-course menu with carefully selected wines primarily from the natural wine importer Rosforth & Rosforth under Knippelsbro.

The menu will consist of:

Start with a glass of sparkling wine.

Starter with a glass of white wine.

Main course with a glass of red or white wine depending on the food.

Dessert with a glass of sparkling orange wine.

The price is DKK 700 + ticket fee.

To ensure that you get the best experience this year, we have chosen to use the same booking system as last summer. This means that groups of 4-7 guests can book an entire room for themselves indoors, while couples and groups can book a table for 2-6 guests on our beautiful outdoor balcony. Here you will sit at tables with a minimum distance of 1 meter to other guests. The view from the balcony is phenomenal both in sunshine and after sunset. For the cool and wet evenings will be heat lamps, blankets and rain screen.

Vegans or allergens?

If you want a vegan menu, we refer to our plant bistro that runs every Friday the rest of the year. If you have types of food allergies, simply write an email to lars@kulturtaarnet.dk after booking tickets on food tickets. State the date and time you booked tickets for - and we will make sure that there will be food according to your needs.

In case of illness, food tickets can be refunded or rebooked 5 days in advance.

+45 2871 2815

See available seats for 4. dæk Balkon. Out door - (2-10 persons)

See available seats for 4. dæk View (4-6 persons)

See available seats for 3. dæk Kulturarvsrum (2-7 persons)

Address: Knippelsbro 2, 1400 København K

Read more: www.kulturtårnet.dk/mad

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