The First Supper

Presented by Relæ Community

The First Supper is a very special dining experience and also le grand final of this year's Seed Exchange.

Christian F. Puglisi has invited a number of international star chefs, who also work with their hands in the soil and honor a sustainable practice, to join him for a tour of the fields and in the kitchen. Together they will create a eight-course Farm of Ideas menu, which will be based on fresh summer crops, harvested that very same day in the fields.

This year's guest chefs are Magnus Nisson (Fäviken, Sweden), Jacom Hölmström (Gastrologik, Sweden), Daniela Soto-Innes (Cosme & Atla, USA). 

The menu will be served "family style" in the barn at Svanholm, surrounded by fields, cows and the beautiful open landscape.
Expect an extraordinary gastronomic experience that sets a whole new standard for Farm-to-Table dining!

The produce
BÆST's pizzas are made from a mixture of local Danish and Italian stone-ground flour and raised with sourdough.
Most of our charcuterie is handmade from meat from Hindsholm and Mineslund and the rest we import ourselves from the best producers in Italy.
The mozzarella is made from jersey milk from our own cows and is handmade every day and served fresh. Everything is organic.

The picnic is part of the Seed Exchange Festival


Eight courses will be served - but what is is will be a surprise!

A selection of great natural wines and other local organic beverages are included in the price and will be served at the tables.

Address: Laden, Svanholm, Svanholm gods 4A, 4050 Skibby

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