Wine & Pizza

Presented by Barfod Vin og l'Ossatura

Totally informal long table dining! 
L'Ossatura (Johannes and Jeppe) bake heavenly Neapolitan pizzas, which are brought to the table to share as they are baked.
Barfod is responsible for the wine bar with well-chilled cold climate wines from Røsnæs.Informal long table dining!

Pizza ad libitum DKK 185, - / person
Wine is bought separately.

L'ossatura bakes pizzas according to traditional Neapolitan regulations. The result is a swelling, volcanic declaration of love that blends flour, water, salt, tomato and buffalo milk mozzarella unforgettably into a piece of heaven and hell; through control and chaos, reason and madness. Minimalism and maximalism at the same time.
All ingredients are specially imported from Campania and all methods are according to Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana's doctrines for the stone oven baked Neapolitan pizza.
L'ossatura is Johannes Gammelby from Kalundborg, and Jeppe Lindgren from Copenhagen, experienced punk and jazz musicians on the Danish and European music scene. Together thdy formed the band 'I Am Bones', hence the name, L'ossatura, which means 'the bon'e in Italian. It's about reaching into the essentials; in the music, in the pizza baking. As with the music, L'ossatura is about fire; in the blood, eyes and hands - and passing it on.

Address: Barfod Vin, Røsnæsvej 437, 4400 Kalundborg

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