Washoku Cooking Class

Presented by Kimura's Kitchen

Learn how fun and simple it is to make traditional Japanese dishes at home in this introduction cooking class.? Washoku captures the essence of Japanese culture: delicate and balanced, and the traditional Japanese diet is good for your body and mind. Make fresh dashi and miso soup from scratch, vegetable pickles, and learn how to make the perfect bowl of rice as part of this course. In addition I will select 2 main dishes for you, depending on the season.

Washoku is the name for traditional Japanese cuisine, and it has evolved over thousands of years. Many people in Japan and across the world are starting to rediscover the benefits of this way of eating, with it's emphasis on balance and a focus on optimising the human body. Washoku is the reason the Japanese live the longest on the planet. Why not take a class and learn why the Japanese diet is based on the number of our teeth?

Ichiju Sansai or 'one soup, three dishes' forms the core of this way of eating, and I will show you how you can easily enjoy it at home, starting with rice, soups and pickles, and a few seasonal main dishes.

Prices are 999kr per person, and includes everything: ingredients, drinks, and aprons.

Address: Prags Boulevard 50, 2300 Copenhagen

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